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 Helki can help you to save up to 30% of your heating bill and up to 25% of the electric one. We will show you how, start thinking what you want to do with these savings.



Actually, most homes still only have an analog thermostat. These thermostats are imprecise and inefficient because they can not be programmed.

Conventional programmable thermostats (chronothermostats) are complicated and 90% of them are not correctly configured.

Even if your thermostat is correctly programmed…your life changes every day:

-You should leave the office at 6:00pm , but you finally leave at 8pm…or instead of going directly home you go shopping or meet a friend for a coffee…

-You arrive home but you put on your running shoes and go out to exercise for 2 hours . You were not thinking about the heating system, and it remains on.

-It is Sunday, the thermostat is programmed to be at home, but you go out for a drink, meet with friends, and you finally go for lunch and arrive home at 20:00h and realize that your heating system has been working all day…

We are blind when it comes to electrical consumption. We only have the monthly bill as feedback.

We try to be prudent but it´s like driving without a speedometer…

We only think about the lights which are the obvious thing, but do we know how we can really save?

New regulations come with important rises on the power term and with variable tariffs, with prices changing per hour everything becomes complicated…

New regulations come with important rises on the power term and with variable tariffs, with prices changing per hour everything becomes complicated…



Helki is an all in one solution for both heating and electricity consumption.

A precise programmable thermostat, correctly configured allows a 20% saving (says IDAE). Helki makes this process easy because it can program itself or can be configured using our user-friendly designed apps and the power interface of a smartphone, tablet or PC. Remember, one ºC less for the temperature setting is a 7% saving.

Using geolocation, Helki will reduce or switch off your heating power, and will increase the temperature as you are approaching. If your lifestyle is active you can make a an estimated 5% saving.

With weather usage and auto-adaptative control taking into account insulations, and heating type, a 3% saving is estimated.

Following Helki recommendations and analyzing the heating curves, you can change your boiler settings to achive a trade-off between consumption and heating power. Depending on the initial cases a 2% saving can be estimated.

There were several projects where it was demonstrated that the fact of becomeing aware of your electricity consumption at every moment helps to save 5-10% of energy.

It can Identify in each particular home where the energy is being consumed and following the personal advices can obtain a 5-10% energy saving.

Decreasing the power term by 1KW , in fact does not save energy but it is an important economic saving of aproximately 42€ depending on your utility company, a 10% of savings from the total electricity bill cost.