Helki, long future ahead and a great past behind

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Today Helki start its path to become a worldwide reference at the “SmartHome” sector, but our history came from so long with a great trajectory that supports us.

Helki is an initiative of Valor, Development and Innovation SL (VDI), created three years ago by professionals in the heating industry with over 10 years experience in designing, manufacturing and marketing related to energy saving and remote management. Devices like programmable thermostats, GSM remote controllers, electric heating equipment, electric energy analyzers, equipment remote management of public lighting, equipment for monitoring photovoltaic / thermal solar installations and more. Our developments have been distributed in supermarkets, warehouses for installers and utilities across different brands and white label products.

For us to enter at SmartHome sector was a natural step, not an inspiration.

The new smartphones were coming and everybody starts to download and manage different apps. Bandwidth connections were a must in most homes…why still using additional SIM cards, and afford extra cost each time you want to communicate with your home devices? Why keep programming obsolete thermostats if we can use the 5 inch color LCDs of our smartphones?

We say: “Hey, let´s join together heating and electricity measurement to control them using the same app, with advanced features and cost effective to be able to obtain a return of investment in less than 1 year. Everybody will want this solution…”

Said and done. We created a web control platform based on a programmable thermostat, electric power meter and a SmartBox. All connected by RF, and with a battery powered thermostat to avoid new wires and installation works, and direct replacement of conventional thermostats.

Actually our technology can be found inside our partners products at Leroy Merlin stores, at professional stores and are also offer through one of the biggest Spanish utilities, who have tested our devices and servers, that have shown its great reliability.

However, we want to go beyond for several reasons.

One is to push our technology to the top level, investing on research at intelligence and data minig, creating a world leading class solution, where the design is also a main actor.

But the main reason is you. We want to be as close as possible of our users, listen their opinions to offer each time better products and open new ways to adquiere our products as on-line one.

A new way of relationship with our customers and a new way of relationship with your home.

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  1. 9 August, 2015

    Utility bills were what gorged heivlay on my monthly budget. After making a few changes, however, I was able to save enough money just from utilities bills for a nice trip out of town. Plus, I have more breathing room now when it comes to my finances.

  2. 5 February, 2016

    It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

  3. 9 February, 2016

    Dobry artykuł. Super stronka.

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